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Leader: AJBlack

Deputy: francme

War Marshal: Radicalizer

Recruiter: Demonqueen

Our Way To Alliance Level 50 0

We are the main alliance here in Goodgame Empire of our multigaming community PSISPHERE. August 1st, 2017 we have decided to expand to this game, thus we are currently setting up the basics of our alliance.

We offer private and public forums, teamspeak, IRC, and activity in other games that can be combined with your membership here. Further more we offer giveaways, contests and other fun events.

We take the game seriously, even if we are currently small with a low level leader – the game will be played regularly and every possible effort will be made to help this alliance grow.

Regular activity and contributions are required, we are a community that tries to take things to the next level in any game, so we will be working towards that here as well.

We are looking for members, officers and deputies. Please get in touch with AJBlack if you wish to inquire!

Choose our referral link and get instantly connected with us!

  • Member Count: 20
  • Support – travel speed: +80%
  • Market barrows – travel speed: +50%
  • Donation bonus: +40%
  • Army loot capacity bonus: +2%
  • Attack – travel speed: +8%
  • Combat strength bonus for attacks: N/A
  • Combat strength bonus for defense: N/A
  • Glory bonus for attacks: N/A
  • Bonus on travel speed for support: N/A

Civilization is like a thin layer of ice upon a deep ocean of chaos and darkness.