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“Give a man a program, frustrate him for a day. Teach a man to program, frustrate him for a lifetime.” ― Waseem Latif

As a company, we develop a series of our own projects – which are projects that are started by a member of our community and immediately connected to the community with all its development and publishing requirements.

It is important for us to take each of our projects as far as we possibly can and maintain a high standard throughout the fields for anything connected to our name – but especially our “own” projects.

Support for our developers includes aid finding staff for their projects, on paid and unpaid basis, ongoing support with their project development (for instance, assistance resolving a problem with code), emotional encouragement to keep at it and developmental as well as financial resources. Further more, we can completely take over the marketing campaigns for monetized projects with qualified staff available to push each project as much as possible during development and, of course, upon launch.

The following applies to projects of our own, but also includes development projects that have been connected to us on a purely publishing basis.

If you would like to connect a project to the company on a development, publishing (or both) basis, please see the “CONNECT YOUR PROJECT” tab.

Publishing a project with us includes:
– Moving your project under the company “PSISPHERE” on any relevant platform, such as IndieDB. You remain the “boss” within this project, but will receive the full support, task- and money wise, from our community.
– Registering on our forums as a developer. You are allowed to use our forums for your project, and will receive the proper rights and the required amount of boards.
– Using our teamspeak as a developer. You are allowed to use our teamspeak for your project, and will receive the proper rights and the required amount of channels.

As a publisher, we will also provide the following:
– Free homepage URLs and databases required for your projects. (You would be able to choose the URL you want in front of the “”)

Free Website Template Design & Web Development for your project’s site
– Support with future projects, software, money, and task wise.
– A large community capable of offering constructive ideas for your project and future projects.
– A competent team of developers willing to give you any support they can.
– A YouTube channel on which you are able to publish informative or promotional videos about your project using our company’s influence to spread the word.
– Our company promoting your project everywhere we can as well as making direct efforts to push your project’s popularity.

For all our developers that start on an unpaid basis, the end goal is to make it possible for them to make their hobby their job. When working with us on your own or any other project, we get a good impression of your capabilities and motivation, which – if suitable for our company – can lead to paid contracts within our company on future projects.

If you would like to connect your project to PSISPHERE, you can do so by sending an e-mail to with your project name, details and any relevant information you wish to include. We currently accept projects of any kind – there are no restrictions. Whether you’re looking to develop a game, mod, tool or program of any kind, we’re interested in connecting with you if your project meets our company standards.

For the benefits of connecting your project to PSISPHERE, please view the PUBLISHING tab.

If you would like to discuss your project ideas or details of the agreement before you apply for connecting your project, you may contact our Development Coordinator directly on our forums via private message: Click here to contact AJBlack via the forums.


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