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A Community That Slays Together
Stays Together

PSISPHERE is an elite community for gamers and developers. Founded January 1st 2017, we have begun our journey as a community in Wurm Online, where we reside on the Freedom Server Xanadu and are constructing our capital Vinyamar as well as increasing our influence over the in-game world at a consistent pace. Until August 1st 2017, our area of influence was restricted to said game, when we decided to expand to the browser game Goodgame Empire. Here we are at home on the Server Great Britain 1 and are slowly increasing our membership count in order to grow into a stable community in this game as well.

Currently we are preparing for our third expansion to Guild Wars 2, where we will be at home on Fissure of Woe and recruiting dedicated, serious players of all areas of the game in order to form a competitive PvP, PvE and WvW team combined in the same guild and become a horde of feared warriors spreading The Shadowfly Effect throughout Tyria.

Fortitude & Honor

As an elite community, it is important that all our members conduct themselves in an appropriate manner at all times.

Vigilance & Justice

Be strong, be courageous, be vigilant - not only in the face of your enemy but also towards yourself. Be vigilant to be just.

Victory & Glory

No matter how hard you have to fight, in the end of the day you will emerge victorious. Feel the glory of The Shadowfly Effect.

Never Aim For Anything Lower Than The Best

“They’re All No-Lifers!”

Combat & War

``They take it too seriously`` - In our community, you might hear that often. We enjoy emerging victorious from any battlefield and will do whatever it takes to succeed.

Development & Construction

Whether with the development of our games & mods or the construction of servers, cities or other worlds or monuments, only the highest aims and best designs are good enough.

Hardcore Gamers

"Take the hardcore gamers. The characters are way more real in the world of hardcore gamers who have played the game for hundreds and hundreds of hours. They have the movie in their heads, they've built it on their own. These guys are always very disappointed in the movies. "

- Uwe Boll

Epic Fantasy

"Fantasy encompasses a wide, wide spectrum of writing. We have beast fables, we have gothics, we have tales of vampires and werewolves, and we have sword and sorcery; we have epics from Homer, and there is just so much out there that we put under the umbrella of fantasy."

- Robin Hobb

The Shadowfly Effect

"What's the point in a community with a name that's pre-defined. The Shadowfly Effect is a name with no defined meaning - and that's exactly what makes this community special: With each of our actions we work towards defining what The Shadowfly Effect is. "

- Yldrania