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A Dark Secret 2 is a realism horror game, and the sequel of my first game “A Dark Secret”. The player immerses himself in the mind of a child growing up in an abusive family and follows the kid as they grow up and begin adult life. With a unique character creation system, the player answers questions to figure out what scenario they will have to deal with. In total, there are eight different storylines with over a dozen different endings each. The outcomes vary from recovery over revenge to death. Everything is possible.

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The game aims to educate about child abuse, and help people in a bad situation or who have issues dealing with past situations to find support. In this game I focus on sexual and physical abuse, which does not mean that verbal abuse is less important, it only means that I don’t have an option to include verbal abuse scenarios in the first release version due to the amount of extra work that takes. It will however be available in future versions.

I am looking to partner up with organizations from all across the world in order to provide a vast list of support for people from around the globe. There will also be a separate e-mail account created that people can mail to if they aren’t certain what organization to contact.


  • Choose your path through eight separate scenarios with over a dozen different endings each
  • Delve into the mind of a victim, and become a survivor, a psychopath or remain a victim
  • Discover over 100 unique pieces of art
  • Enjoy over 3 hours of our one-of-a-kind soundtrack
  • Uniquely modified engine
  • Visual Novel + Point&Click Mix
  • Learn about abuse and the effects it has on the victims
  • Identify possibilities for support if you need help

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